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Mini Market


Mini Market Facilities

We have a large Mini Market situated in the park. The store is the local shop for the area. Handy for our guests as we sell just about everything. Besides the essentials (bread, milk and papers) the shop caters for everybodys needs.

  • We have: A great selection of hot and cold take-away food
  • Hot and cold drinks, confectonary, chips and ice-creams
  • Cakes, biscuits and now FRESH DONUTS
  • Magazines, cigarettes and a small hardware range
  • Our fishing section includes: rods, line, sinkers and bait.
  • We also hire fishing rods out (save bringing your own)
  • Our on-site service station sells fuel,oil,exchange gas and refills
  • The reception also has postcards tassie souvenirs and a small selection of DVDs to rent,(DVD hire as well).
  • We sell beer, wine and premix drinks to our staying guests
  • A public phone and post box is in the park

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